Greenbank Studios
What we do

What we do

Here at Greenbank Studios, we pride ourselves in the great care and attention we give to every project we undertake, knowing this extra effort will result in a successful outcome.

Our rigorous and systematic approach to each project means our exacting standards are met every time.

All new scripts are thoroughly prepared, briefed and timed, we then use our ever-growing list of actors and voice-over artists to choose the right voice for each audio book.

We are always delighted to discuss book casting with publishers or authors to guarantee the reader's age, tone, accents etc, to meet their wishes.

Demos from our bank of readers are available and can be sent on demand and we are always happy to demo new readers – Free!

Our hours are flexible to suit the readers' and clients' demands and meet tight deadlines, should the need arise.

Each recording session is guided by our producers. Their in-depth knowledge of digital recording techniques and their experience of working with voice-artists guarantees the finished product meets the needs of our clients. 

Our proof listeners verify the audio against the text to ensure continuity throughout.

Editing is done in-house as soon as recording is finished in our Edit Suite. Here we process the recording and remove any unwanted noise, page-turns, breaths etc, resulting in a seamless performance.

Once edited, our recordings are then mastered to meet the required standards needed for commercial release.

We then send the finished project to you on CD or via FTP in WAV, AIFF or mp3 format.

Audio editing/cleaning
Allow us to spruce-up, chop and change, remove glitches, clicks and noise from your audio, using industry-standard techniques and equipment.

CD mastering
We can optimise your audio with our outboard and software limiters, compressors and EQ's to produce professional finished CDs, including CD PQ encoding.

CD/DAT/cassette to mp3 conversion
We have the equipment and know-how to convert any audio into the latest digital formats as required.

CD/cassette production and duplication
Our reproduction facilities can produce 10 to 10,000 copies of whatever format you require, including CD printing.